Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jam is... oh so Lovely!

We are so very fortunate to be in the fabulous JAM Artisan's boutique in Old Town Scottsdale.

Owner Shauna Jean has created this amazing place, her mission:

To be a harmonious creative venue that blissfully stimulates the senses of its community members and visitors, providing top-of-the-line craft classes and fanciful event space for people living in and visiting Scottsdale, Arizona, while consistently being a space of infinite growth to seasoned and upcoming artists and providing a place where people come to be inspired and to inspire others, while always remembering to give back!

The boutique is filled to the brim with gorgeous jewelry (if I do say so myself!! lol), fascinating artwork, beautiful stationary, and incredible energy. They hold classes daily too!

I cannot express how blessed I feel to be apart of Jam and to call Shauna my friend!

If you are ever in the Old Town Scottsdale area, you must pay a visit to this quaint spot. You'll be glad you did! :)

Doing BIG things!

"Smile with your eyes" is the quote from Americas next top model that my nieces and I giggled about on our way to make the 1st attempt to "model" our jewelery. As they tried to remember all that they had learned from Tyra, I made sure all of the necklaces looked just as good as the girls! We had such a blast getting ready to take the photos and picking out which new pieces we were going to wear for them :) The Lovely Letter is feeling inspired lately and we have been creating a boatload of brand new and exciting BIG jewelery. Above are some of the end results from our crazy modeling adventures (you can find more on Facebook!)