Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Necklace Designs!!!

I am getting my logo, website, and blog designed right now. Please excuse the boring lackluster background!! :)

First of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is Jodi, I am a stay at home Mom of 2 little boys, and I make wax seal jewelry. I melt lead-free metal and stamp it with a vintage style wax seal stamp. I then buff, paint, sand, and seal each piece. No two necklaces will ever be the same. They are truely one of a kind!
I love everything creative and am always coming up with something new to make or design. I recently saw these wax seal pendants in a boutique and I fell in love. The only thing is that they were quite expensive. After lots of trial and error, I have figured out a way to make these pendants cost effectively.

Ordering Information:
SALE ---- SALE ---- SALE ---- SALE

From NOW until DECEMBER 25 all of my necklaces are $22.50 each (reg. $28.00), that includes delivery my friend!! :)

All necklaces are 18 inches.

My delivery dates / locations:

Wednesday Dec. 16th - evening - Mesa/Tempe/Phoenix

Friday Dec. 19th - evening - Mesa/Gilbert

Saturday Dec. 20th - ALL DAY - Mesa/Chandler/Gilbert/Queen Creek

If you are interested in purchasing a necklace, please send me an e-mail to

In the e-mail, please include the following - Color choice (all are distressed with the silver metal peeking through), Letter choice.


Please e-mail me with any questions as well. I love to receive e-mails!!!


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